Saturday, September 24, 2016


I attended today a round-table conference on Improving Air Quality in Kolkata, an event at Hotel Hindustan International arranged jointly by the US Counsulate General, Global Change and Banglanatak. I learnt that the SOx and NOx levels in air of Kolkata was good but suspended solids were a problem. The problem aggravates during winter and improves during monsoons. It was agreed that awareness and co-operative efforts were necessary to combat the problem in the long and short terms. Mr Craig Hall, US Consul General, Prof Joyashree Roy, Greg Perdo and others spoke. Mr Hall spoke of the book Silent Spring (1960s) that triggered the environment movement in the US.

I mentioned about Amitava Ghosh's recent book "The Great Derangement". I also said that the State Government is launching a Green City Mission, that this had many components including plantation, energy positiveness, efficient appliances, green buildings, electrical mobility etc and that during a citizen feedback session in New Town, air quality came out as one of the top two concerns. I explained the measures taken since then and added that to rely more on solar energy, I was looking for technology that would allow solar panels to be toughened so as to be laid on city roads. After the meeting, a participant informed me that he had seen such experiments in Netherlands and indeed later sent me the following link .  He promised me to get me more details later after his visit to Amsterdam later this year. I have told that Solar City New Town would try out a pilot project.
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Friday, September 23, 2016

Outdoor Advertisement Plan

Representatives from DMITS came over from Delhi to New Town today and gave a presentation on outdoor advertisement policy. I said after the presentation that we would be interested in a Master Plan for New Town.
The Genesis of the matter came from a letter from MoUD that forwarded and recommended a proposal that in smart cities, good public service can be ensured through revenue generation from outdoor advertising. In course of the discussions, I mentioned that in many cases it was seen that the promised services and maintenance of the utilities were not done y advertsing agencies who were oly interested till their advts were up. As such, the revenue opportunities should be harnessed by public bodies directly and O&M operations could be separately dealt with by specialised organisations out of this revenue or otherwise. However, in the name of revenue generation, visual pollution should be avoided and aesthetics should be given due importance. Se a master plan with optimium pin-pointed sites and sizes should be drawn up where Hidco would construct the displays and maintain smart street furniture out of this revenue.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

New Ticket Counter at Gate 1

On Viswakarma Puja Day, 17 Sep, we opened new ticket counter in Eco Park Gate 1. Five counters - instead of the present one - are there to be used during the weekends/ festival periods. Automatic metro-type card-operated gates are also being tried out and will be fully commissioned soon. These are to cater to the increasing footfalls into Eco Park. Already 55 lakh visitors have entered since its inception in 2013
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Millennium Post 21 Sep 2016

Monday, September 19, 2016

Adhaar Seeding

In our weekly review meeting at Hidco, we decided to request allottees and plot holdeers of land in New Town to provide Adhar numbers. This helps in long term for inheritance, mutation and transfer of property.
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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Space Saving Water Recycling

As part of the Green City Mission, we are planning to recycle and re-use waste water. Sewage water, the black water that originates from domestic toilets and other liquid waste sources is typically treated in small septic tanks / soak-pits in rural/ semi-urban areas and is treated in sewage treatment plants in cities like New Town/ Salt Lake etc. The conventional STP (Sewage Treatment Plant) technology however has two disadvantages (a) it takes up a large amount of area and (2) its level of purification (30 BOD) is just fit for release into the environment (ie canals and rivers) but unfit for any use.

We were looking for modular space saving recyclable technology for the yet-unbuilt STP for Action Area 3 of New Town. Yesterday, even during the Viswakarma day, we had a detailed discussion with PHE and Hidco Engineers. We decided to opt for a smart solution. We decided to go for SBR (Sequential Batch Reactor) technology that will consume less land area (up to 50% less) and produce clean water (5 BOD). We will use the water to supply to Eco Park, children's gardens (there are eight in New Town), avenue plantations and road cleaning. The land area saved will be used to set up a modern solid waste processing plant.
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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Staff Workout for Cafe Ekante at Eco Island

Me with Saurav Sarkar at the beginning of the session

Yesterday morning, the staff of Cafe Ekante, along with volunteers of Karmyog, were given a workout by Karmayogi Saurav Sarkar. It was held at Utsari Glass Hall in Eco Park's Island. At 6.30 in the morning, the two hour session started with combined singing and light aerobics in rhythm. The feedback was good and I could see that the staff were liking it. Saurav Sarkar explained to me that just as people like us go to yoga classes and aerobics, people working at grassroots level also had need for mental and physical rejuvenation but such workouts necessarily had to be organised close to where they worked. So here it was, right adjacent to their place of work, the staff of Cafe Ekante. Here is a link to a story on Karmayog Foundation's work on Bagjola canalfront that appeared earlier this year.
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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Singur Divas

Although District Review was postponed, Chief Secretary and all secretaries including me went to Singur in Volvo Bus arranged for us, as in District Review meetings. It rained in between and we all got drenched in the open stage. But the electrifying speech of Hon'ble CM mesmerized the crowd and it was great to be a witness of a historical day.
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