Wednesday, March 29, 2017

"Catch & Release" Angling Competition

We plan to introduce game fishing, also called sports fishing, in Eco Park.
Pictures, selfies and weight can be taken for fish caught but within a short time these will have to be released back to the lake.
The event will be held on 14th April and applications can be made on-line at .
The event will be done in association with SFDC, State Fisheries Development Corporation.
Depending on the success, we may make it a continuing practice.
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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Kolkata Gate

Work in progress of Kolkata Gate.
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Monday, March 27, 2017

Zero Waste in New Town : Pilot

After detailed discussions with NGOs and Consultants, we have decided to try out zero-solid-waste goal in two gated communities of New Town as an experimental and pilot scheme under he Green City mission. These are: Greenwood Sonata (near City Centre 2) and Shukhobrishti ( in AA-3) . I personally discussed with these housing society representatives and the consultants to tie this up. They want to do a 'waste audit' of Hidco Bhavan too but I am yet to take a call.

The strategy is to create compost through compost machines for food waste and other wet wastes and recycle through informal or formal markets the other wastes. If successful, we will try to expand to other areas.
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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Free training to allottees of shops in New Town Markets

Free retail management training will be given by Alia University for allottees of Shops & Stalls
of ten community markets of NKDA in terms of an understanding between NKDA and Alia University's Business Management Department. Alia University is located in Action Area 2 of New Town. The move has been initiated because many allotttees are first generation business aspirants without any traditional family knowledge of the nuances of any particular trade and so have some difficulty in starting a venture.

With a view to meet the day to day requirements of inhabitants of New Town Kolkata as well as for the floating population, New Town Kolkata Development Authority has constructed ten Community Markets in Areas- I & II considering the demand and density of population. The shops and stalls of these markets have been allotted through lottery to general people and project affected persons.

However, it has been observed that the large number of allottees of shops and stalls are newcomer in this field. In order to educate & enrich them about procedural system of running business, NKDA has taken initiative in association with Department of Business Management, Aliah University, New Town, Kolkata. The training would be conducted at Aliah University from 03-04-2017 to 07-04-2017 in ten batches. Each batch will be imparted one day training. On each day two batches will be trained.

While NKDA is incurring some expenditure  for conducting the training , it is a totally free for the participants.

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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Appealing to residents

I held a meeting with some cable operators of New Town and NTTIDCO (New Town Telecom Infrastructure Development Corporation, which is a joint venture company of Hidco) and stressed the importance of shifting all overhead cable strung across street light poles into underground ducts. After the meeting, we decided to make an appeal to New Town residents to help us achieve the objective. This is as follows and will be circulated soon:
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Appeal to Inhabitants of New Town Kolkata

New Town Kolkata is a Green Field city created as per master plan. There are separate specific underground corridors for power cable and communication cables.
To make the city free from visual pollution as well as for security reasons, no over head cable is allowed within New Town.  Use of street light poles by cable operators is illegal.
However, it has been observed that some Cable TV Operators and internet providers have illegally strung overhead cables taking support of street light posts belonging to NKDA/HIDCO.
During last one year we have been pursuing all network operators to shift the cables to the dedicated underground ducts. Though some operators are taking measures to shift their cables to the underground ducts, there are a few operators who have not taken required measures.
In the meeting held with cable operators and internet providers in New Town Kolkata on 23-02-2017 at office of the NKDA and in the follow up meeting held on 26-02-2017 at the New Town Police Station, the deadline to shift all overhead communication cables to underground ducts was fixed as 31st March, 2017.
Any overhead cable found after 15th April, 2017 shall be removed. To avoid inconvenience, inhabitants of New Town Kolkata are requested to transfer their subscription/ connection only from lawful operators who are using underground ducts only.
NKDA solicits understanding and co-operation from all residents and corporates of New Town in the public interest.
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Khabar 365 dt 25 March 2017

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Friday, March 24, 2017

Plots to Police

In the meeting of the Cabinet on 22 March (last Wednesday), the following land plots were allotted to the Police:
One acre (at CF25) for second Police Station in Action Area 1
Three acres (at IIIA/2369) for Police Parade Ground
One Acre (at IIIA/2368) for Police Lines
0.41 acre (at AD-7/1) for Traffic Guard
0.50 acre (at IIE/69) for Police Out Post at Eco Park
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Thursday, March 23, 2017

EWS Lottery on 19th April

More than 5,000 applications were received by the various branches of Allahabad Bank for allotment of 139 flats for the Economically Weaker Section. We had set up three teams to scrutinize the applications and form a data base with the applicants' particulars including email address and mobile number. This is just completed and we then approached the Sports Department to book the Netaji Indoor Stadium. Today we received a verbal communication that the venue could be available on 19th April 2017. If this is approved formally, we will intimate all applicants for being present. Only the applicant herself can be present and she is required to carry photo ID and original receipt of the application. All will be advised to reach the venue by 1030 am for registration.
The entire lottery will be done manually and the process will be video recorded. Applicants present will draw the lots. The specific EWS flat number will also be simultaneously selected by lottery.
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