Friday, January 20, 2017

Review of Progress of State Convention Centre

Yesterday, I reviewed the progress of the Biswa Bangla Convention Centre with engineers of Hidco and top officers of L&T, including Mr R Candran who'd flown in from Chennai.  It seems that while substantial progress would be made by March, the final completion would require June 2017. We decided on this schedule after agreeing to take "sign-off" from all agencies working, bringing in huge crane platforms for false ceiling works, increasing the availability of masons and technicians, concentrating on day-to-day project management review and increasing the stock of shuttering. For quicker decisions, we also agreed to appoint from Hidco an on-site consultant designer-architect who'd be given a site office by L&T for on-the-spot decisions.

At BGBS event at Milan Mela today, at Hall 4, we installed a lighted 3D model of the State Convention Centre. Here is a picture on my mobile:

3D Model of New Town Convention Centre at Hall 4, BGBS 2017, 20 Jan 2017
Sanjit Sharma and Suman Neogy of Hidco as well as Dulal Mukherjee have taken a lot of effort to make this model displayed at the Hall 4 on time - getting passes, tables, light points, transportation, co-ordination etc all takes time and effort. I also give below a link that shows a walk-though video of the New Town Convention Centre and one that will be displayed tomorrow at BGBS:

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Japanese Ambassador visits Japanese Garden under construction

L-R: Atanu Palodhi, Suman Neogy, me, Ambassador

H.E. Mr Kenji Hiramatsu, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, Embassy of Japan, New Delhi visited the Japanese Garden under construction in Eco Park. I mentioned that we are targeting its completion and inauguration in mid February and that we'd be honoured to have him as an honoured guest.

The Ambassador inspected the Garden with Miyake Yasujiro, Counsellor, Mana,i Kato, Vice Consul and others. While sipping tea at the Garden, we mentioned of our plans to open a Japanese Food outlet too and he seemed to like the idea.
Millennium Post dt 19 Jan 2017

Millennium Post dt 19 Jan 2017

Millennium Post dt 19 Jan 2017

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Street Map of Nabadiganta : with numbers

The street numbered map was generated through AutoCAD today. The next step is to put up signages. This will be done in next step.
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Millennium Post dt 17 Jan 2017

Monday, January 16, 2017

Squash Court and Indoor Badminton Court

The NKDA Board met today. It decided, inter alia, to set up a Squash Court and an indoor Badminton Court along with a viewers' gallery, players' changing room, store room etc under the New Town Business Club. This was in response to demand of members and residents for theses sports facilities. The Business Club already has more than 700 members who enjoy the two swimming pools, outdoor badminton, tennis and basketball courts, gym, billiards room, darts room, banquet room, kids room, lounge, guest rooms, fine dining restaurant, snack centre etc. Picture below is from the New Year Party on 31st December that was attended by over 500 members and their guests.

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Sunday, January 15, 2017

MSTC takes Plot for Office Complex in New Town

MSTC Limited is a Mini Ratna Category-I PSU under the administrative control of the Ministry of Steel. It had participated in an e-auction for a plot of land measuring 20 kottahs for office complex. They won the bid and yesterday, at its Board Meeting, Hidco approved the proposal to allot plot no. CF-18/2 to MSTC. Their Director had met me some time ago and had expressed desire to set up their regional office in New Town. Incidentally, Coal India already has its national headquarters in New Town while ONGC, ISRO, Coast Guard, NSG, Passport Office, DAE and many other Government organisations are in various stages of setting up their offices in New Town.
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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Hidco Board for additional digital modes

Hidco Board met today. It decided to go for additional EDC Machines (Electronic Data Capture , popularly known as swipe machines) of SBI for its Café Ekante, Najrul Tirtha, MWM etc as existing machines are sometimes "crashing" due to over-use by various clients. The Board also decided to opt for SBI digital wallet called SBI Buddy Merchant Account to deal with increased demands in view of demonitisation.
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Bartaman dt 14 Jan 2017

Friday, January 13, 2017

Vector Prescription

Dr Gautam Chandra, Vector Biologist visited various spots of New Town today with NKDA officials and advised us the best way forward for controlling mosquitoes in New Town and with special reference to the BGBS dinner scheduled at Eco Park next week. He advised use of BTI spray, citronella oil and pay attention to two canals rather than Eco Park Lake whose water was examined by him and found to contain no larva. He even gave a "prescription" to follow on a the run up to BGBS and thereafter in phase 2.

This is part of the general preparations for BGBS in New Town and Sector 5: I held meetings and field visits today at both places.
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