Monday, October 4, 2010

Nomination for Two Week Training at JFK School, Harvard University

Today morning I got a formal communication from Department of Personnel and Training, Govt of India that I have been nominated to attend the following courses at JFK School, Harvard University, USA:
(1)  Mastering Negotiation: Building Agreement across Boundaries (10-15 Oct 2010)
(2) Leadership for the 21st Century; Chaos, Conflict (17-22 Oct 2010)
Along with me, 3 others have also been nominated including Vandana Krishna, my batch-mate in Maharashtra.
There are now the innumerable procedures of Visa, ticketing, state govt clearance, MEA political clearance etc.
* * *
Deepak has been helping me a lot. Alapan also helped me.  So did Atanu Palodhi. Thanks to all of you.  I hope I am able to make it. I would dearly wish so.
Yesterday, I got myself photographed for visa: since application is done on-line, I didn't take any print-out but took the photo in my pen-drive. Here it is:


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  2. Sir,
    There is nothing more beautiful than a dream in bloom! Since you are having the Star Quality ,Shine on in your present appointment.Kindly share your experience/knowledge acquired in the said training through this the blog. Congratulations and best wishes.

  3. Sukanta:
    Thanks indeed for your comments. I'll definitely keep this site posted. Also tell me about how you are doing