Friday, January 28, 2011

Planning For Environmentally Sustainable Urban Development

Our Urban Development Department today co-hosted with the US Consulate an interactive discussion on Urban Planning today morning, with Dr (Ms) Kristina Ford. The topic was:
Planning For Environmental Sustainable Urban Development
With special reference to challenges brought by increasing urbanization.

It was a refreshing experience, sharing thoughts with experiences drawn from USA & New Orleans and India & West Bengal. Mr P.K.Biswas, Associate Town Planner gave a very good introductory presentation. Dr Ford integrated her talk excellently from where the presentation left.

Key take-aways:
(1) "Smart Growth", "Sustainable Growth" are slogans that may not always communicate well (2) Planners and planning concepts must reach out to a wider audience (3) Besides the objectives, the urban processes through which the future path traverses may need attention too: citizens may have to give up something now to get a green future, for example
* * *
Kristina Ford happens to be the wife of Mr Richard Ford, who inaugurated Kolkata Book Fair in 25th Jan. I went to the book fair yesterday, like every past year since my college days. The White House pavilion reminded me of my visit to Washington in 2005

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