Saturday, February 26, 2011

Seminar on GIS and Remote Sensing

I inaugurated a seminar organised by the Institution of Surveyors. The topic was "Role of GIS and Remote Sensing in Surveying and Land Management".

I asked why we cannot start upwards, adding value, to digitised maps available in the public domain like google maps but must always re-invent the wheel by starting from NRSE data/ maps.I asked why there is such a disconnect between institutes and departments who use GIS.

The seminar was in the new auditorium at Nalban. It was made by BENFISH. It is called Rabindra Kanan Hall. Fairly OK, air-conditioned hall.


  1. Sir, the National Capital Region Planning Board is using new software to generate extremely high resolution satellite imagery from Google Earth. NCRPB is advocating the use of such imagery for preparing reasonably accurate maps for Master Plans. The cost is almost nil. Earlier, the problem was generating high-res images from Google Earth if one had to cover say 10 sq. km. Now we have got the software and the training in a workshop at Delhi and have started using the new tools to prepare customised maps for transportation planning in KMDA, without having to wait for NRSA imagery. It is adding tremendous value. The first project in which we are using this is the Riverfront Road proposal in Howrah.

  2. Good. How can I see a demonstration?

  3. Sir, the proposal drawings, superimposed on the composite Google image, can be inspected anytime. The software demo will require a fast internet connection at the spot where the demo takes place. Plus a computer with AutoCAD. It would be a privilege to give a demo! I am sure my seniors at Transportation Circle, Project Planning Unit, would also be happy to watch it and that, we can arrange it short notice...

  4. We'll have a demo at Nalban Mapping Centre of Fisheries Department on Monday (7th March) at 6 pm