Tuesday, March 22, 2011

4P: Public, Private, PEOPLE Partnership

I addressed a CII group recently. I referred to the Amul example and said that industries should compute the full economic value of land - and not merely its present market value - by sharing with landowners future profits derived from the land. Bengal Post carried a story.
Bengal Post


  1. Today's (19th Ap 2011) Economic Times contains an article on 4P or PPPP, though in a slightly different context. This was discussed in the IIM-Ahmedabad's PPP training course class that I'm attending now.

  2. Even the latest thinking in Planning Commission of India is talking about 4P. On 9th April 2012 we had an official level meet at Planning Commission and learnt about the internal note on JnnURM2, Here is an extract :
    "• Attract more private investment, in particular, through PPPP, that is, schemes drawn up in partnership between people (citizen), public (government) and private (business) stakeholders by actively incentivising PPPs and providing fast-track clearance windows."