Thursday, June 5, 2014

Tree Bank - on World Environment Day

We are setting up perhaps the first Tree Bank today. Today 5th June is the World Environment Day.
This will be set up in Action Area ID of New Town. It is opposite to "Upasana". The name of the immersion ghat built last year was named Upasana by Hon'ble Mamata Banerjee, Chief Minister. A beautification programme is also being planned along the canal bank near Upasana.

The tree bank is a concept. Just as one keeps money in bank for safety and security while it grows too, a tree bank would nurture and grow trees of various species available in different parts of Bengal. Increasing urbanisataion is a threat to traditional trees and banyan, peepal, asathya, mehgony, gamar and other trees and fast fading out in the places where these were a common sight. The tree bank will provide a space for conservation for anyone interested in the cause.

Ms Banani Kakar of PUBLIC is the first one to show a keen interest. So today PUBLIC will organise a tree planting ceremony and be the first honorary "investor" in the bank. Mr N. Sil, General Manager (Engineering) of Hidco is making the site ready. We will open the account of the tree bank at 3pm today when PUBLIC brings in the saplings and schoolchildren. I call upon other schools and NGOs too to invest in the tree bank. On my part, I have already requested the Forest Department to help in Aranya Saptaha week.

I hope to post a few photos later.


Here are a few photos:
Ms Banani Kakar making a point at 3pm today

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Here are two clippings:

Ei Samay dt 5th June 2014

ToI dt 5.6.14


  1. Sir, the tree bank is a wonderful idea! But, there has to be dedicated Bank Officials to look after and nurture our 'investments', otherwise there is a great possibility of 'Bank Robbery' by our four-legged friends.

    Thank you very much for this innovative approach to greens conservation.

    1. Yes, to prevent the 'robbers' we'll put up fencing and our staff will keep an eye on watering etc

  2. Thanks Sir for the tree plantation initiative - that's one of the best things we can do for the future generation!...need more such drives with dedication- that's a parallel way to make the city more beautiful apart from modern infrastructure!

  3. Both Tree Bank and solar power projects are excellent. Thanks Mr. Sen.

    I have 2 ideas:

    1. For the tree bank project, lets also keep the option open for corporates in New Town and Nabadiganta. Corporates often do team building activities through these type of projects in Bangalore. HIDCO should provide the option of booking through website , for planting trees, with some charges for these corporates.

    2. I personally feel in New Town and Salt Lake, solar power and rain water harvesting should be made compulsory for both new commercial as well as residential building during building plan submission stage itself. Not only it will make the image of New Town as a futuristic carbon-neutral place with sustainable urban development roadmap, but these steps generate multiple type of jobs.In Bangalore, there are multiple companies which sprang up for doing RWH consulting or solar power consulting for residential buildings.

    Also the canals in New Town should be extensively "exploited" for harnessing solar power. Gujrat made great strides in this direction.

    Economic Times Report:

    1. Adding to the earlier comment, in Bangalore BBMP made it compulsory for all new buildings to have Rain water harvesting as well as solar power generation.

  4. Another point I think we should consider is Bio-Fertilizer generation from organic waste getting created daily in Dhapa. ChandanNagar municipality has been doing it successfully for years and is generating decent money.

    Here is a positive report from Anandabazar:

    We can also utlize the waste that will generated by the different Sewage Treatment Plants being developed through NGRBA funds. Not only will state govt earn some money but it will also reduce our dependency on urea based fertilizer. (India is an importer or urea and potash used in fertilizer manufacturing)