Sunday, March 25, 2018

100% Online Unit Area Property Tax from FY 2018-19

New Town's property tax system is based on unit area  system. This is the most scientific way of determining property tax. New Town is divided into 7 zones. each is assigned a basic valuation per unit area. Then multiplication factors are applied (self occupied or rented, location etc). Then the tax payable can be easily calculated.

The whole system is on-line. It is quite unique. No paperwork to be submitted. The data and self assessment can be fed through a net connected computer from home. There are dozens of Tax Sathis who are being trained to help the house owners at no cost to the owner. They are expected to carry intenet connected laptops. e-Help desks of NKDA also have net-connected computers. Details of  trained Tax Sathis will be available on the net. In addition, there will be e-help kiosks at NKDA offices at AA1 and AA2. There will also be a helpline during office hours.

We suggest that before calling the Tax Sathi, keep your sanctioned building plan, land deed and identity documents handy, keep your bank IFSC code account number PAN, Aadhar (if any) and other KYC documents handy.

The property tax scheme will be effective from FY 2018-19, with effect from Monday April 2, 2018, the planned date of notification to this effect.

Few other salient points on New Town Property Tax are as follows:

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As per provision of Chapter-VIIA of the New Town Kolkata Development Act, 2007, Property Tax is  to be introduced in New Town Kolkata by the New Town Kolkata Development Authority by final publication of the scheme under section 36H of the said act,  on the  2nd April, 2018.
Salient features:
1. The property tax system is based on Unit Area system of assessment.
2. Entire process will be in electronic mode based on mobile phone-OTP verification access.
User friendly feature: **Document uploading is not mandatory.
3. Provision of self assessment of property tax by citizen on line, by logging in the –e-district portal of Government of West Bengal.
4. Provision of payment of property tax online as well as offline (by generation of challan and making payment with the challan at bank).
5. Provision of 5% rebate on timely payment of property tax of each quarter.
6. Provision of addition rebate of 5% on payment of property tax for the entire year within the due date of first quarter.

What property owners have to do after final publication of the scheme u/s 36 H ?

1. From 2nd April 2018, property owner will have sixty (60) days time to submit online self assessment of property tax and to make payment for the current quarter (1st Quarter). 
2. There will be trained personnel empanelled by NKDA, termed as “Tax Sathi” whose service may be availed by citizens for this purpose free of cost.

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