Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Jatragachhi Bridge & Tropical Forest Plantation Starts

We got the eco-tourism Master Plan from ILFS/ Pradip Sachadeva a couple of days ago. There will be a Rain Forest on a 3-acre plot within the 480-acre site. Each plant is identified and a co-ordinate assigned to it. The plantation started today morning. I and others went there to kick-off the starting of the plantations. 
Earlier in the morning, we witnessed the starting of a Rs 30 lakh box bridge connecting Jatragachhi Panchayat with New Town. I broke a coconut as also MLA Rajarhat Mr Sabyasachi Datta. This was a long-pending demand of the villagers and the Panchayat Pradhan, a lady, thanked us for the effort.


  1. Great to see all these... hope this eco-tourism site becomes a classy showcase of the government's commitment towards a green and clean environment.

    Sowmik Sengupta

  2. This is definitely going to be much like 'Central Park' of major cities across the world in a decade or so...

    Sir is it okay for you to publish the master plan if not officially restricted.. we searched a lot in ILFS site etc but nothing is there in public domain.

  3. I agree. It would be nice to be able to visualize how the eco-tourism site would look after a few years. I recollect seeing a photo of you Mr. Sen with a 3D model in some expo.
    Please get it uploaded in HIDCO website, if possible.

    Also, sir, what is the status of drinking water supply in Rajarhat?

  4. Few reports at press today on second campus of the Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute (CNCI) in New Town.

    563Cr 500Bed New Govt Cancer Hospital at Newtown near - Center to fund 90%, Target - 2.5 years

    "...close to the Tata Medical Centre, it might turn Calcutta into a cancer treatment hub for the east. ..."

  5. master plan is too large for web display. i will see if an abridged edition can be uploaded. but it will take away the mystery !