Sunday, January 1, 2012

MAR 2,.. and Digha Festival

That is in today's Times of India. The following advertisement appears in today's Grafitti of Telegraph, issued by the Tourism Department:


  1. Great! what a great news to begin a new year....

    Looks like Akankha-more becomes the closest Junction of two MARs and on otherside, MAR-2 turns right at EcoSpace and meets existing AA-III MAR-1 near Infospace/Tata Medical Center. I guess the narower extention of MAR-2 (not turning at EcoSpace - shown as Black chained extention in the map) will go through Sukhobristi Mass Housing and turn right near Elita Garden Vista/DLF Heights to touch again MAR-1.....

    See location on WikiMapia-

  2. Link to WB Tourism on Digha Festival:

    Oh....being out of West Bengal, will miss the extravaganza....I wish it repeats next year with a great success this year and it is during Christmas vacation next year.....

  3. Happy New year Mr. Sen and all others.
    Good news indeed !

  4. ....and more news keep on coming....

    Biometric Attendance at HIDCO:

    Solid Waste Disposal at Newtown:

    Both initiatives gets inaugurated today by Hon'ble UD Minister.

  5. Happy New Year Sir...

    Looking forward to the Beach Fesitval emerging as amazing success

  6. Thank you sir, Happy New Year to you and your family

  7. Pratidin Report on "Digha will be Goa":
    The Mr. Sen can be seen in blue jacket along with Hon'ble minister in the photo.

  8. Ganga River-bank Beatification- Pratidin report quotes - Inauguration of First Phase on 26th Jan, Remaining all major work to be completed by Feb'12:

  9. Hello Sir,
    "Action Area - III" under "Maps" section at HIDCO website does not have plot layout of some areas like AA-IIIE. Will you please consider making that available on website?
    Thanking you,
    With best regards,