Saturday, March 31, 2012

Master Plan of Eco Park

Yesterday we got the final Master Plan of the Eco-Park in New Town, Rajarhat. Mr Pradip Sachadeva flew down from Delhi and handed over the plan. We had a long discussion. A time-frame of 24 months has been chalked out. There may be several packages (pathways, drainage, power-lines, parking, entrance gate, food court, landscaping etc) that can run in parallel. The detailed estimates and tender documents will be prepared by Hidco engineers. I have advised Chief Engineer Hidco Mr Ananda Ganguly to start immediately.
Here is a view of the Master Plan near the entrance plaza:


  1. Please make it fast and see to it that we have a decent "entry fee" rather than keeping it free. This would ensure that the maintenance work can be carried out without any hassles. We can also have different varieties of cuisines in the food park as well as pubs which will ensure that it draws a sizable crowd eventually augmenting the Govt coffers.

    Fantastic initiative indeed.

  2. 480 acres is a huge plot compared to 20 acres of Delhi's Garden of Five senses, and we can work wonders with it if we have the proper plan, budget and desire. Hope this turns out to be another tourist spot in the city tour of Kolkata.

  3. The Master Plan excerpt looks impressive..
    Hope it has arrangements for boating as well. Maybe some stalls like Dilli Haat ?
    Keenly looking forward to see it implemented.
    Way to go !

    Another query, has work on the 2nd MAR started ?

  4. It looks like Central Park,Navi Mumbai which is Asia's largest park based on Central Park,New York model.Can we get some temples in New Town?

  5. Sir
    The plan looks impressive.
    You can consider the idea of a floating fish restaurant in the midst of the lake.
    No electricity may be provided and the source will be a mix of hurricane and solar lights along with battery back up.
    Guest will reach the restaurant in boats.
    Simultaneously fish farming may be encouraged so as to motivate the locals for parallel employment.
    No external music may be allowed on board but Baul and other folk forms may be thought off(Only Instrumental)
    Tents along the banks may be set up for tourism sector as Kolkata has no such place at all

  6. If you know someone who actually wants to do this, I can listen

  7. Sir
    I will get all the details and re-post it here.