Thursday, March 8, 2012

Open PRP : GIS for New Town ans Salt Lake

Day before yesterday, I was in a seminar of the Science & Technology Department about GIS. The basis point being made was that all departments need not buy the costly satellite images and instead the S&T Department would do that and provide the basics to all.  Some of us expressed concern at delays in GIS projects. We were told about Open Public Resources Planning Platform in GIS where there would be no dependence on proprietary technology and availability of source code. It seemed that Maharshtra was doing good work. We agreed to go for the new approach in Salt Lake, Nabadiganta and New Town.
  I had a focused meeting on Salt Lake yesterday. I will have a meeting regarding New Town GIS in the Open PRP mode on Monday at NKDA. We will chalk out a road map with milestones.
* * *
Preparations for the Financial Hub ceremony is going on in full swing. I inspected the venue yesterday and changed the sitting style from class-room style to banquet-hall style: I hope they can execute it. Here is an article that appeared in Anandabazar on Tuesday:

* * *
I sat through the pre-holi event in Nazrul Mancha yesterday. It was organised by KIT & KMDA. Rituparna Sengupta & troupe danced, Nachiketa & Swagatilaksmi sang. CM, Minister and Mayor were there.
Happy holi to all.


  1. Looks like this is a big one! If I may suggest, a separate website (or a section within the HIDCO website) should be setup.

    All the best!

  2. Happy Holi!
    The Sunday Indian report on the FH.
    Sir, can you throw some light on what does "central govt. approval for country’s second financial hub at Newtown" (both report talks about it) mean? Will that approval still valid with this fresh plan on FH?
    Sir, please also plan to publish some pictures, video clippings, speeches, report of the event at HIDCO website later.

  3. Some information pointers to GIS work in Maharashtra can be found here (joinly promoted by Govt of India and University of Pune):

  4. "HIDCO has done an excellent job" - CM speaking at the function.

  5. Sir can you tell me more about Open PRP or send me some literature about this topic as I need this matter for my M.Tech Geoinformatics degree,please. I am doing the project on Open PRP in Hisar Municipal Corp.