Thursday, April 19, 2012

(1) JnNURM -I extended for 2 years (2) Website Updation

Yesterday I got copy of letter no K-14012/04/2012-NURM dated 10th April 2012 from MoUD, Govt of India stating that schemes UIG under JnNURM, if sanctioned before March 2012, is granted an extension of 2 years (ie till 2012-13) for completion.
We were pressing for it since some time, and nnow we know that we will get a breather. The operative part is as follows: "It has been decided to extend Mission period by two years up to 2013-14 for completion of projects sanctioned till March 2012 and reforms under UIG including procurement of buses sanctioned under the Economic Stimulus, and UIDSSMT of JnNURM".
In West Bengal, we have 71 sanctioned projects under UIG of which 13 were sanctioned only a few months ago. So this extra time is a big relief.
* * *
In yesterday's meeting by CM, emphasis was laid, inter alia, on disseminating updated information through departmental web sites. A target date of 1st May was set. I am holding a meeting at 2.30pm today on this. To convene the meeting I SMSed the departmental officers and sent a tweet too on my way back from town hall. I was pleasantly surprised to see that today's Telegraph had noticed the tweet:


  1. Sir,

    I had a look at the following 2 links:

    1. ( Current projects that are planned)

    2. Projects that are going on with deadlines:

    My Questions are:

    1. Are we planning to finish Parama Island Flyover, Vivekananda Road Flyover and EM Byepass extension to Baruipur by 2013? These are very essential and sooner they complete , the better. As far as I know, all the projects are delayed. So is the land aquisition issue for EM Byepass extension to Baruipur sorted out?

    2. When are we planning to start Eastern Expressway and Southern Expressway? Is the southern expressway same as expansion of current Padmapukur-Amtala road or is it going to be a new road altogether?

  2. Sir,

    I have mentioned this in some earlier post but reposting in case you might have missed this. These may not be urban infrastructure development projects but yes they will make the cities in our state a better livable place.

    I have a few simple suggestions for making the state a better place and for increasing revenue manifold.

    1. Remove the night curfew and allow the night clubs to operate till 4 am in the morning. This will automatically increase revenue to a huge extent. Allow more nightclubs and pubs in different tier-2 cities also and make the application process much simpler.

    2. Among all the major cities, I have seen Kolkata Police being least vigilant about drunken driving and breaking signals. We can collect handsome fine from there also. Its a law enforcement question.

    3. Lets have dustbins at regular intervals along the roads throughout the state; not only in KOlkata. Lets fine people who does not throw the garbage in the dustbin. With time, people will learn to comply, cities will be cleaner and Govt will also collect revenue.

    4. Lets force more people to obey traffic rules like crossing at signals through zebra crossing etc. This can also be enforced through law and fine .

    5. Can we start washing the roads of Kolkata that used to happen before 1978? This will substantially reduce the dust in the city. If you go around Kolkata in any street you will find a layer of dust at the side where the road ends and the footpath starts.

  3. Had a look at this video. . It seems the phase-1 of Ganga Riverfront beautification between Princep Ghat to Baje Kadamtala Ghat is on the verge of completion. Great Work Sir, Congrats.

    I would like to bring to your notice some points.
    This place really looks nice. But ideally footpaths could have been wider - would have been grander. If you just have a look at the Marine Drive walkway in can figure out how wide the footpaths are. Can't complain I guess.
    Hope the planning authorities make alcoves (where there is space) for eateries, craft shops etc along the stretch. Open theatres, bowling alleys and night clubs etc - if they come up - will make the place an attractive place for young people and tourists to hang out.

    Sir, can you tell us the status of Phase-2 of riverfront beautification i.e the stretch between Baja Kadamtala ghat to Babughat. The TOI Report in November states that the local military had already given the nod by then and only the NOC was pending.

  4. I see some of the earlier posts missing here...there was one from me and I remember one from owner (Mr. Sen) talking about "internal reporters" inside departments... Not sure if they were removed as edited (then it’s fine) or just Murphy was at work on Google blogger website....or the posts were misplaced somewhere else.....
    Looking forward to see updated "website visitor oriented" information of WB Gov websites (not just dry statistics). May be the govt also needs some aggressive professional media managers as well.
    On my way back to Airport, asked the driver to take a round at Newtown.....lots of big activities caught my eyes.....Rabindra Tirtha, Eco Park, Fin Center....roads, bridges.....reinforces the belief that karmajogya in progress at safe, able and efficient hands. Thank you, sir. BTW, why these main roads are not concretized (can save lot of maintenance headache)?
    Decided to peep into little interior...activities are there too...saw road work in progress in front of Sukhobristi/Kepple at AA-III as well.....saw the iron bridge constructed instead of the broken bridge over the canal (most likely to be replaced again with a permanent wider bridge)....but was not sure if MAR of AA-III will connect AA-II MAR through this new road in front of Sukhobrishti which can bring down travel time from AA-III/Wipro/Infi sites to Airport/CBD at AA-II.

  5. India to launch $40 billion Phase II of JnNURM: Kamal Nath