Saturday, September 23, 2017

Aroti Competition

Meeting with Puja Committees of New Town today: At Najrul Tirtha

We held a meeting of all Puja Committees of New Town (71 this year) at Najrul Tirtha today. IC of Police, CEO NKDA and CE NKDA were also present. We decided to continue with our traditions of lining up at Upasanasthal during immersion and having the traditional Dhunuchi Dance with Dhaks. I added another event this year. I appealed Puja organisers to have a Aroti dance with Pradeeps in a group and NKDA would give prizes to the best performing nes. I also added that in keeping with the smart nature of New Town, all Cultural Secretaries of all Puja Committees could organise a WhatsApp/ Facebook/ Twitter induced popularity votes to select the best cultural function (song, dance, recitation, skit etc) and that on receipt of the nominations the winners would be invited to showcase the performances at the city level cultural stage at New Town Mela on 24-31 December 2017.
I also requested Puja organisers to plant a tree each and send the photograph through WhatsApp along with a photo of the tree that was planted last year. We would post these on NKDA website. At least one Puja organiser re,arked that they'd plant 200 trees and another lamented that he could not send a picture of last year's tree as cows had eaten these: we all recorded his good will though and advised barricades this year.
We also decided, in the best New Town tradition, of being a model city of not violating any rule (mike, crackers, clean, green, immersion guidelines) that may be in existence or to be advised.

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