Saturday, September 2, 2017

Station Free Bike Sharing : Pre Bid

Bike sharing without stations: Meeting at NKDA
We from NKDA had published a notice inviting expression of interest for introducing a bicycle sharing scheme by interested companies at no cost to NKDA. The idea is to try and do something as in many Asian cities where using ITeS/GPS technology, people can rent bicycles at a very very small cost (all Apps Driven) and park it anywhere. An Indian Firm with Singapore collaboration ( see ) and an Indian Firm who have been trying in Bangalore attended the pre bid meeting. A team from IIT Kharagpur was also there. There were two concerns expressed by the possible investors (1) Security of bicycles parked in the open have to be looked into (2) No parking fees are levied by ULBs the world over and may be waived as there is no cost to the government but citizens get a green transport option at a nominal cost.

We agreed to look into the suggestions.

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