Sunday, February 4, 2018

Old is Gold

Artist's Impression of Mishti Hub

Mishti Hub on my mobile today 4th Feb 2018

The Mishti Hub is located near Gate 3 of Eco Park. It is still under construction, but is fast nearing completion. There are 10+1 counters in the "Shop-in-Shop" concept. The ten  counters will be allotted on rent to famous sweet shops of Kolkata. The eleventh one will be reserved for the ethnic mishtis like Shaktigarer Lyangcha or Bardhamener Sitabhog or Krishnanagarer Sarbhaja or Berhampurer Chhanabora etc on a rotating basis.

But how does one select the famous sweet shops? A notice inviting Expression of Interest has been published recently. This can be seen at . The criteria, in short is "Old is Gold" that is, ten of the longest surviving sweet shops still operating in Kolkata will be shortlisted.

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