Saturday, February 3, 2018

Review by Board of Nabadiganta Industrial Township Authority (NDITA)

The Board of NDITA met few days ago and took a review of completed and ongoing works in Sector 5 Salt Lake. The members expressed satisfaction at the progress made. This was a gist of what was presented to the Board:
* * *
1. Link Road to New Town in continuation with the Ring Road - Work completed
2. Beautification of the Embankment of Water Bodies adjacent to Ring Road - Work
3. Inauguration of Beautified Nabadiganta Bus Terminus - Completed and Inaugurated
4. Inauguration of Beautified Food Kiosk - Completed and Inaugurated
5. Distribution of Bins to the food stalls - Work done
6. Resumption of construction of few floors of Administrative Building of NDITA
- Work is ongoing
6. Construction of one Compactor Station for Solid Waste disposal :completed (another one is under construction)
7. Pump House to Prevent Water Logging - nearing completion
8. Beautification of Metro Piers - Work completed
9. New Bus Shelter at Sukanta Nagar & beside E.D. Channel : under construction
10. Multi-Storied Car Parking' : Mackintosh Burn Ltd. has finalized the tender and issued work order to the selected Bidder.
11. Development of a Park from Nicco Park to Sukanta nagar Adjacent to Service Road: Ongoing
12. Strengthening of Road by Mastic Asphalt - some works have been completed, other
roads willbe taken up
13. Smart Railings: Design done
14. Installation of Drinking Water Stand at College more for public use : Completed
15. Removal of all Aerial Cable for better Nabadiganta - Street No. 13 has been made
Aerial Cable free, other roads are taken in phases
16. Use of Treated Sewage Water for Gardening - work initiated
17. Installation of Energy Efficient Lights - Almost completed
18. Street numbering in Sector 5 : Completed
19. Installation of the Public Arts & Road Signage in Nabadiganta area.
a. Pole mounted Signages installed.
b. Public Art installation with dynamic spectrum lighting completed
20. A corporate cycle competition with participation of corporates, residents and
employees under Sector-V in the campaign " Clean and Green Sector-V" was
organized on 13th August 20L7
21. Collection of Property Tax enhanced in comparison to the last few years
22. Construction of Town Hall of Nabadiganta -KMDA entrusted for the work.
23. Implementation (in phases) of the Traffic Mobility Plan prepared by IIT Kharagpur: ongoing

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