Thursday, September 18, 2014

Health Card to NKDA drivers

I went to NKDA today morning to see Viswakarma Puja idol at NKDA. Taking advantage of the  Viswakarma puja, NKDA made he alth cards for all drivers of NKDA. This is a helath insurance card where each driver has to pay only Rs 30 per year an they are guaranteed paybacks for certain amounts on account of death even (natural / non-accidental), serious diseases (cancer etc) and even for various issues like childrens' education, marriage ceremony etc. This was done in co-operation with labour department. I very much appreciated the initiative taken by Gopal Ghosh CEO NKDA and Achintyababu in wading through complex procedures to ensure that benefits reach the drivers of cars used by the office. A photo:

Social Scheme for Drivers of NKDA: handing over cards
L-R: Gopal Ghosh, me, Pradip Roy, one driver getting card
* * *
In the afternoon, Country Director and a team of World Bank took a boat cruise in Hoogly River to see schemes of Clean Ganga under NGRBA. A photo:

Soma Ghosh Moulik, Onno Ruhl, Gennevie Connors,me, Indrani Saha
* * *
A clipping from Labanhrad Sanbad:

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  1. Great way of helping the weaker section of society by giving health cards. These little steps will help in making the society a much better place to live in