Saturday, September 27, 2014

Hidco Board agrees to Wipro request

On 9th Sep 2014, Wipro sent a letter to Hidco indicating that they would be willing to take forward their project for which they had been given an allocation of 50 acres of land in Action Area 3 of New Town in 2009. They have agreed to pay the balance amount of land cost (75%). However they have requested that for this the Delayed Payment Charges may be waived.

The letter was discussed with due seriousness. The State Government was also consulted. In view of the spin-off and multiplier effects, the Hidco Board agreed on 25th Sep (day before yesterday) to waive of the DPC as prayed for by Wipro in the overall public interest.

I think this is a very positive development. The 50 acre project development of Wipro will go a long way in Bengal's economic growth, creation of job opportunities and making New Town an IT destination.
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Here is a clipping from today's Times of India:

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Here is a clipping from August 2014 issue of Urban News Digest:

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  1. Well, this is good news. Frankly, I had lost hope of IT industry expansion in the city because of the irrational mindset of not granting SEZ status. I hope Wipro expands at NewTown.
    The idea of consulting global experts for town planning is commendable and does show an open mindset. A thorough collaboration would definitely foster some synergy and will be beneficial for us.
    And lastly, I plead to you and Mr. Hakim to control the syndicate problem at NewTown. It's one thing to provide a captive market and fill up party coffers and is completely another thing to provide low quality labour, material and deprive people from choosing their own vendors (including domestic helps)! Syndicate members and their political patrons can still get rich without being so blatantly disrespectful towards the law of the land and basic human dignity.
    I feel that the good work that you are doing is getting overshadowed by the negative publicity due to these lawlessness. For those of us staying abroad, media reports on these issues definitely impact our perception of the state and its development. I honestly hope that good sense would prevail and NewTown would be benefitted by your awesome work and eradication of syndicate hooliganism.