Sunday, September 28, 2014

New Office of Curator in Eco Park

Last Tuesday, the new office of the Curator of Eco Park was commissioned. Set on the waterfront, beside the Musical Fountain, the view from inside is quite spectacular. A souvenir shop will also be opened there shortly. Photos:

Office of Curator(EP)
Inaugurated on 23.9.2014 
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Yesterday, the fourth issue of the in-house quarterly journal was published. Kudos to Sanjit Sharma and others involved:
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Two clippings from today's Times of India:

ToI, 28.9.2014, p1


  1. Dear Sir,

    While they won't fall under MV Act, can the authority ensure they follow basic road-rules? Will they also be allowed on the MAR as well or will just feed to the big transport vehicles plying on the MAR?

    I just hope this isn't the start of chaos in the New Town roads as well. Autorickshaws are already a nuisance in the entire city. I fervently hope they don't follow the same trait to New Town as well (although I am quite apprehensive).

    Do we have a stringent well-defined do's and don'ts for the auto-rickshaws else in no time they may create havoc.

  2. I believe it would be best if they are used as feeder service.

  3. Penalty waiver to Wipro is a good move. Hope we see more business friendly moves in future to create healthy environment for business to function.
    e-Rickshaw needs to be controlled and improving public transport systems should be the focus. e-Rickshaw is not an alternative to public transport system(like buses, metro, monorail etc) but a supplementry mode of transport.