Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Chinese Delegation: Advertising Park

A fairly large Chinese delegation visited UD this morning. I was quit fascinated to know that China was building Advertising Parks. The idea is to treat publicity-media-creativity-billboards-branding etc all as an industry that contributes to GDP and therefore needs to be nucleated from disjointed personalized initiatives to a coherent, nurtured and professional industry where experts from all over the world could contribute. I had a long discussion with Mr Clark xiao, Chief Consultant of Kunming Advertising Park although, despite the valiant efforts of the translator, language was an issue. I told him that we could exchange ideas through emails to see if there could be such a park in New Town too.

The team visited Eco Park soon thereafter.A group photo at Nagarayan just before their departure:

 * * *
The adventure game called Paintball was launched today afternoon. It is located near the Mask Garden, entry through gate 3. A photo of the players before start of an inaugural exhibition match:

The Heliconia Garden was opened for the public yesterday evening. A group photo with Forest and Hidco officers :

Here is a clipping from today's Anandabazar:


  1. I am delighted by the way you and your team is exploring ways to develop New Town. Kudos for the interest in Advertisement Park. This was indeed a revelation.

  2. An awesome Advertising Park for media-creativity-billboards-branding