Friday, December 19, 2014

Public Library for New Town

I moved a proposal yesterday to the Library Department requesting that a new library be set upin New Town. Many residents had requested from time to time. At Action Area II, a Utility Office Building is under construction: it should be completed by April-May 2015. One floor of this building may be enough to house a modern state-of-the art library. I have even sent a site plan and floor plan to the library department.I also spoke to Mr Vivek Kumar, Principal Secretary, requesting his help.
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Few clippings:

Ei Samay dt 19 Dec 2014

Top and bottom: Sat Lake Telegraph dt 19 Dec 2014


  1. Starting a public library in new town is a such great idea ! Because new town covers such a vast area, at least one public library should be planned for each action area.

  2. Excellent idea.Are you talking about the Utility Building behind Astra Towers (Airtel Bldg) in AA-IIC? Then please accept additional thanks for doing this in AA-IIC! So far, the only basic amenities we had are a foot path on one side of the road (From Hiland to Starlit) and a bus route (46B).

    And of course the new park (Play-n-Learn) is also pretty good; the one at AA-IID (Alice-in-wonderland) is even better in terms of finish and colour scheme.

    Looking forward to more such parks in my area (like joggers parks, football ground etc.) and ATM, post office, banks etc.

    Library is a beautiful thing to do for a culturally and educationally sensitive community like the people of West Bengal. I am sure many people would like to contribute if you setup a fund for donation to the library in terms of books or cash.