Thursday, December 18, 2014

Upasana Griha

The Board of NKDA met last Saturday. It decided to construct a heritage structure in the lines of Upasana Griha of Shantiniketan at its immersion ghat site in Action Area 1 . The ghat has been named Upasana Sthal by Hon'ble CM. It will form the control dais that is built every year to monitor immersion ceremony of idols. The Upasana Griha will also be used as a meditation centre where yoga classes will be conducted by NKDA round the year. On the bank of a perennial water body, opposite a tree bank and overlooking the paved wide ghat, the Upasana Griha will add value to the Upasana Sthal

An artist's impression:

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  1. Sir,

    It would be great if you can share some updates related to JNNURM projects and the new investments in the finance Hub. With the continuous negativity in the media, this would give some positive lease of air.

    Also existing clients list in HIDCO webpage reveals the name of only 7 investors whereas the same page used to reveal 11 investors a few months before.