Monday, April 4, 2016

Intelligent Urban Design

At NKDA, we had a meeting with Future City Catapult (UK), Assocham and officers of Hidco / NKDA. I gave a presentation on the concept paper that has been drawn up after the brainstorming session on 25 Feb 2016. There was general agreement and it was decided to carry on the dialogue in this respect. FCC gave presentation on how predictive infrastructure gaps were being modelled in Manchester (UK), citizen centric digital standards were being passed on to ISO organisation and how open source data was being put up in public domain in Dubai so that digital private experts were drawing up apps for citizen use on their own.

FCC also presented to me formally a hard copy of a "Smart City Roadmap, New Town" (picture above). Here is a snapshot of the meeting held this morning:

* * *
Times of India dt 4 April 2016

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