Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Vivekananda Collapse Day

31st March 2016
I was in a meeting with CEO KMDA, CE AD KMDA etc at Nagarayan when CEO received a call from MIC UD that Vivekananda Road Flyover has fallen during casting of deck slab. CE(AD) KMDA also received the same call from MIC. Both rushed to spot.
I received a call from HS that CS and HS were proceeding to the spot. CM is also expected. I should also proceed.
I reached Girish Park. No car could go beyond. I walked. Addl CE KMDA spotted me and together we waded through crowd, local volunteers, fire / civil defense workers and more surges of crowd. Number of times I had to stop and explain who I was to proceed.
I could see the crane, gas cutters and volunteers and police. With difficulty (no mobile was working due to net jam) I took up a corner. CEO KMDA was stuck up in the crowd far away: he was not allowed to proceed. With the help of a police officer, I reported to CS. He informed that army was coming. Soon the army came in and started operations in a well co-ordinated manner. A pic on my mobile:
Soon CS went to meet CM. I was asked to join make-shift police control on the opposite side of Rabindra Sarani. Governor came and sat with CM on this make shift control room. Governor left. I gave on feedback to CM after talking to GOC on the progress of rescue operations. A picture that came out next day in Khabar 365:

I connected CS to Director IIT for agreeing to be part of the high   powered committee headed by CS. I left the spot to do the draft.

1st April
I mailed the draft GO constituting the High Powered Committee with terms of reference and emailed to CS. I was called to attend a meeting by CS. HS, FS, PAR Secy, CEO KMDA were there too. We decided to entrust RVNL to remove the deck slab. Names of KMDA engineers to be placed under suspension were discussed. Factual details for a Press Note were provided by KMDA to Undersecretary. I went to office and co-ordinated with CEO KMDA to get all the paperwork done and make sure that the suspensions won't leave a vacuum in removing the deck slab i.e., alternative officers were in place. The suspension orders, the alternate officer poting orders were issued by KMDA same evening. The High Powered Committee was also issued same day by Home Department. The Press Note by Undersecretary was released same day. I asked CEO KMDA to convene a special co-ordination meeting next day (Sat) at 1.30pm at UD with all senior officers and engineers.

2nd April
 In the 1.30pm meeting we decided to have a technical team on site (on roster basis) and a control room with administrative and technical team to help the site. I recommended a 3-hour shift to make it effective for officers. Co-ordination with RVNL took time and we had to take help of SS(Transport), local RVNL officers and I communicated with CMD RVNL in Delhi. Finally, at 11pm, a letter drafted to Chairman Railway Board was signed by CS and despatched to Delhi. This helped solve the matter
* * *
Few other pics:
Wax statue of B R Ambedkar
installed at MWM on 2 April 2016
3-Day Lok Tirtha festival started
on 1 April 2016 
Swimming Pool at NKDA Business Club
opened on 1 April morning with
local participant members

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