Friday, April 15, 2016

Smart Electric Meters: Pilot

Smart Electric Meters are being experimented on a pilot basis in New Town. This morning, I along with MD, New Town Electric Supply Corporation (which is a Joint Venture between WBSEDCL and HIDCO) went to see these meters. The picture above depicts a 3-phase meter in a commercial mall while another one (not in pic) was for a single phase supply for residences. There is a SIM card and through internet cloud, signals are updated every 15 minutes (so that there are 96 slots in a day) when anyone having access to the cloud through an Apps or Web based software can see the energy consumption as it actually happens. So, for example, one can guess how is the consumption for the AC increasing the bill even while it is used. Also, meter readers will not have to come to your house to read the meters and generate bills. At the back end, NTESC can monitor many things such as the faults in a cable or transfer by merely mapping the sudden zero readings. Even before a complaint is logged, therefore, the smart meter based intelligent system can theoretically set in motion the restoration protocol by sending alert SMSes to relevant teams...The pilot scheme is being tried out in AA-1, AA2 and few street lights. The costs are to be borne from the Smart City Project once the pilot phase is successful. The project forms part of the upgraded Smart City Proposal of New Town that will be sent to MoUD, Delhi on 18th April 2016
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Khabar 365 dt 15 April 2016

Khabr 365 dt 15 April 2016

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