Thursday, March 31, 2016

"A livable city that takes pride in itself"

Yesterday, I had a long session with ICRA, Deloitte and NKDA to edit the Smart City proposal that will be sent to Ministry of UD in Delhi for approval on a Fast Track basis. This has to be done by 15th April 2016. Before that, a State Level Committee headed by Chief Secretary Govt of West Bengal will scrutinize the plan on 11th April. The upgraded plan with comments of the State Level Committee will be sent to the Ministry by 13th April. The upgraded plan has been modified with fresh inputs from IIT Kharagpore, C40 Cities Alliance, DFID and Price Waterhouse, Deloitte, ICRA, FCC UK and fresh citizen feedbacks. The Vision statement to be contained in the upgraded smart city proposal of New Town would be as follows:

New Town Kolkata Smart City aspires to leverage its existing and future investments to create a livable city that is economically vibrant and takes pride in itself
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Times of India dt 31 March 2016

Times of India dt 31 March 2016

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