Monday, March 28, 2016

Crowdsourced SMS based Street Light Monitoring

At NKDA, System Manager Pritam Thakur demonstrated today how we can use a crowd sourcing mechanism to monitor functioning of street lights of New Town. Reports of street lights not working from any resident would be fed to a computer and the informantrec would be intimated by SMS as soon as it is regitered, and again when the defect is rectified. In case a  specified time limit exceeds, the reasons thereof - e.g. bursting of a cable etc - would also be intimated. I saw a trial demonstration today and it appeared that another fortnight would be required to stabilise and test launch the application. A notable point of the system is that one can give inputs by telephone as well as email.
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ToI dt 28 March 2016

Ei Samay dt 28 March 2016
Ei Samay dt 28 March 2016
Times of India dt 28 March 2016
(Above and below) Abp dt 28 March 2016

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