Tuesday, March 8, 2016

IT Building for Start Ups

We are constructing an IT Building dedicated to Start-Ups at Action Area 1A in New Town. Located near a water tank to the right of the first traffic island from Salt Lake, its structure is ready and before doing the interiors we wanted to get the views of IT Department. Recently, MD Webel with Senior GM (Engineering) of Webel inspected this building at my request to Pr Secretary IT Mr Talleen Kumar. I told them of our concept of having a bare-bones cheap rent but star-quality like fifth floor with shareable conference rooms for client meets. I also told about my concept of time-shared consultation rooms for professional legal experts, company secretaries and finance experts whose services could be hired like doctors on a per-consultation fee by start-ups wishing to launch a new venture. There will be no intranet and OFCs because start-ups could use 4G dongles. They would be able to hire "chairs", i.e., seats with long shared table in an AC hall at low prices for upto three months or so. We got some good insights and we thought we would make use of consultants too.
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Ei Samay dt 8 March 2016

HT dt 8 March 2016

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