Monday, March 7, 2016

Design Hackathon for Public Spaces

Graphic by IIA
 In collaboration with the Indian Institute of Architects, we will hold a 2-day Design Hackathon for Public Spaces. Venue will be at Rabindra Tirtha. Ms Gita Balakrishnan, Chairperson of the West Bengal Chapter of IIA has sent a note, extracts from which are as follows:-
* * *
Schedule: 29th to 31st March 2016 (29th evening 5 PM to 31st evening 7 PM).
Objective:  To arrive at some implementable design ideas that would become a symbol for the New Town Area and subsequently for the city at large.
 Participants: New Kolkata Development Authority, West Bengal Housing Infrastructure Development Corporation, Indian Institute of Architects. Participating colleges – Jadavpur University / IIEST / IIT Kgp / Om Dayal School of Architecture / Techno India University / Govt Arts College/ Kala Bhavan, Shantiniketan, NIFT

At the end of the workshop, each team would present to a select audience the design proposals and the impact it would make. The department would then use these designs made by the groups for actually implementing the same over a period of time.

Project 1: ‘Metro pillars’ as urban sculpture of infrastructure
Metro Pillars in front of Nazrul Tirtha: from Bridge to first traffic island

Project 2: A sensory park for the differently-abled
Existing partially completed sensory park in Action Area IA

Project 3: Canal-front
Bagjola Canal near Convention Centre – Presidency University site

Project 4:  Street vendor Kiosks
Near Eco Space, Action Area 2

Project 5:  Lighting sculpture design at a significant location
In Eco Park, in front of Sculpture Garden

Project 6: Streetscape design
Major Arterial Road near Financial Hub
* * *
Ei Samay dt 7 March 2016

Times of India dt 7 March 2016

Aajkal dt 7 March 2016

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