Monday, March 14, 2016

315KV Transformer on Eco Island

Raft for transformer transportation to Eco Island

NTESCL transported a new 315 KVA transformer to the Eco Island to make its power supply more robust. This is most essential to cater to increased demands from wedding party reception and siilar other requirements. Thus the existing 161 KVA transformer capacity had to be supplemented.

But a 315 KVA transformer is very heavy. How to take it to the island which is only connected by means of a wooden footbridge at the back was a question that was debated by engineers at length. Boats plying in Eco Park Lake are incapable of carrying the huge load: these would just sink if the transformer was be ferried. Helicopters were ruled out as the very last resort as costs would be prohibitive. Finally, the famous Indian Jugaad ingenuity was invoked:  45 empty drums were rigged together to form a raft and this supported the weight of the transformer on water. A bamboo-and wooden frame kept the drums together. The raft was so made as to accommodate the legs of the transformer with no stability issues. Two joists (beams) were used to put the transformer on the raft and for unloading. There was a great sense of joy among us all at the success of the jugaad.
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Asian Age dt 14 March 2016

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