Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Alo Shree in UD

GRTSPV= Grid Connected Rooftop Solar Photo-voltaic System is named "Alo Shree" insofar as it relates to government building rooftops. The target is to cover all such public buildings by 2017-18. In UD Department, we have already done the following:

Nagarayan Building Rooftop: 30 KW
Nirman Bhavan Rooftop: 50 KW
NKDA Building Rooftop: 12 KW
1C-CG Market Roof Top: 30 KW
1B Market Roof Top: 10 KW
1C-CB Market Rooftop: 60 KW

We are taking further action to cover all buildings by 2017-18

In all these SPV units, there are net metering arrangements. There are more such net metering units in New Town: (1) Canaltop SPV units near Eco Park: 100 KW and (2) Floating SPV at Smritibon : 10 KW.

In addition, NKDA is collaborating with IIT Kanpur for commissioning a 39 KW rooftop SPV net-metered system at DK Block Market complex.
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Ei Samay dt 15 March 2016
Also see Tara TV (Green City New Town) at

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