Friday, June 3, 2016

Revenue Enhancement

In the Rabindra Tirtha meeting last Saturday, I talked of the necessity of increasing revenue in NKDA/HIDCO when possible. I outlined few strategies:
1. Enhance room utilisation at Najrul Tirtha, Rabindra Tirtha and Cafe Ekante.
2. Enhance footfalls in MWM, Eco Park, Najrul Tirtha Movies
3. Approach Corporate Houses with attractive packages for Cafe Ekante, Ekante Cottages and Utsari Glass House as well as use of halls/ auditorium of Swapna Bhor, R'Tirtha, New Town Mela Ground
4. Use innovative packaging like "Buy-1-Get-1-Free" as is already being done on weekdays for train ride in Eco Park
5. Optimise revenue collection using Smart Technology (Smart Machines for Car Parking and Ticketing already undertaken in Eco Park)
6. Try to diversify: On this, we are going to introduce Breakfast Module for Morning Walkers from 5 June. See pic blow
At Cafe Ekante from 5 June
* * *
Salt Lake Telegraph dt 3 June 2016

Millennium Post dt 3 June 2016

Millennium Post dt 3 June 2016


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