Sunday, August 14, 2016

Cycle Marathon on Pre Independence Day

Pravin Patel CEO Starken, me, Debapriya Biswas: at Gate 4
Eco Park, 14 August 2016

Pre Independence Cycle Rally 
This morning, I flagged of a cycle rally from Eco Park Gate 4. Hundreds of cyclists, young and old, boys and girls participated, despite the  warm weather (but at least it did not rain). It started from Gate 4 of Eco Park and would be a 25 km track through Salt Lake and back. I mentioned that in our Green City plans, cycle occupies a central position and we are going to build cycle tracks, cycle shelters and public cycle sharing scheme with technical assistance from IIT.
* * *
Plot owners' meet at Nazrul Tirtha on 13 August 2016
L-R: Ananda Ganguly, Debapriya Biswas, Gyanwant Singh, Sutanu
Kar, Gopal Ghosh, Sabyasach Datta
We released the new coffee table book titled "New Town, a model green city". We played, for the first time on screen, a 10-minute new film by Rupkala Kendra on a visitor's impression of New Town now. We gave each plot holder a brochure and a free pass for two persons for Eco Park that is valid till 31 August 2016. We informed that there were 3,427 plots in Action Area 1 but only 541 had submitted building plans. We told that 54 lakh people had already visited Eco Park and 2.93 lakh visitors had toured Mother's Wax Museum which was being extended. We mentioned that there were 14 parks including a Seniorss' Park, 10 markets, 6 shopping malls, one Business Club, 7 Pay-and-Use toilets, 9 private health clinics including Apollo, 15 medicine shops, 2 schools, 2 colleges, 1 university and 579 buses already in operation. Most importantly, pure river water from Hoogly river was now filtered and available to everyone in New Town. I urged everyone to get their plans sanctioned by 31 December 2016. I also mentioned that the next 100 plot owners to sanction their plans would be gifted a free copy of the new Coffee Table Book that was released today.
* * *
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