Sunday, August 21, 2016

Model of Wi Fi Hotspot

Table-top 3D model of prototype Wi Fi hotspots
Based on the drawings of IIT Kharagpur, a metallic 2 ft prototype was made and exhibited yesterday by Suman Neogy, GM, Hidco. The flat base is for sitting, the leaf-like structure will act as antenna and a shade. After showing to Prof Debapratim Pandit of IIT, a full model will be first located at first rotary of New own near the bus stand.
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Corporate Treasure Hunt being flagged of on 21
Aug 2016 at Rabindra Tirtha
55 corporate teams participated todayin a Corporate Treasure Hunt event today morning from Rabindra Tirrtha. This this the second year in New Town: last year, it took off from Eco Space. Clues would be texted by SMS at various times and eight locations in Kolkata have to be visited and tokens collected. The total run is 80 km and the hunt is to be completed within 150 minutes to 230 minutes. On gets penalty for coming early. There are no points for coming early or ahead of others. AA complex point system determines the winner.

Hidco joined the event managers (Kolkata on Wheels) in a bid to propagate the "Safe Drive, Save Life" campaign of the government. In my short address to motorists at Rabindra Tirtha before the start of the race, I mentioned that driving and drinking must not be mixed, that mobiles should not be used whille driving and that seat belts should be fastened while on the move.
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Hindustan Times dt 21 August 2016

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