Thursday, February 9, 2017

Cable drive

Meeting with cable / fibre owners at Nabadigata
today (poor pic quality: apologies)

We held a longish meeting with all cable operators of Sector 5 and discussed action plans to take up one road (Wipro More to Ring Road via College More) to be free of cables hanging on light poles. Operators explained that almost 50% of the cables hanging from the poles were non-functioning because in case of faults, it was often easier to string in a new cable rather than locate and repair a fault amidst many other cable lines. Engineers and officers of NDITA were present. We explained that 6 inch diameter cables were already laid on this road. Operators however seemed to prefer the New Town model where individula ducts were provided to different companies.

It was explained that the junction boxes would be covered within a fortnight. It was agreed that all operators would give their requirements to a joint committee that was formed in the meeting within a week, cable-drawing within the duct would be organised by NDITA, that outputs were available in each plot, that additional cross-overs would be given if so required, That a a WhatsApp group would be used to keep in touch with the committee members, that price adjustments would be allowed by NDITA if required for someone who'd already paid for underground independent ducting whose validity had not expired, that after the pilot project their further inputs would be taken.

We targeted the last Sunday of February to be the start of field work.
* * *
Ebela dt 9 Feb 2017

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