Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Preparatory Happiness Workshop in March

Dr Joy Sen of IIT, Kgp (extreme right) and at Hidco today, 8 Feb 2017

Dr Joy Sen, Prof IIT Kgp and others met me today at Hidco to discuss about the preparatory workshop on Happiness indexation of New Town. I informed them that yesterday, I'd had a detailed interaction with Prof Priyadarshi Pattanaik of Reiki Centre of Happiness of IIT at Hidco and that we'd decided that the workshop might be held on any date between 15-17 March 2017, depending on the travel plans of Mr Reiki from the USA.

The workshop will have a couple of expert talks on the theme of happiness. It will also be the forum where (a) we will briefly share ideas about Happy City and (b) IIT Kharagpur will make a presentation of its proposed project (for discussion and finalization with experts). We will also look into the possibility of inviting, or interacting over Skype, with the the Happiness consultants of the Amaravati project.
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