Thursday, February 23, 2017

Cable free sky

Meeting Cable Operators and Police / NKDA/ NTTIDCO at NKDA today

After meeting cable operators of Sector 5 some days ago (see my earlier post here ), I met those of New Town today morning. In New Town, of course, the subsidiary of Hidco M/s NTTIDCO has been laying underground ducts for years and so New Town's sky is largely free of hanging wires. However, to cut corners and save money, some small cable operators especially near the edges of the city, have been providing signals illegally by stringing the cables on street light poles. But the small operators are actually locating the equipment from outside New Town limits. So we conducted a survey by deputing NKDA staff to residences near AA1A where a cable went in from the sky. The one who answered the door would be asked to co-operate with NKDA by subscribing only to those who got their cables through the official ducts. We also got the contact details of the cable operators through the survey. Today we called them over in presence of the Inspector-in-Charge of New Town PS.

Most operators said that they could not stay afloat in business if even one operator does not use the official duct. That is because one time fee and recurring fees levied by NTTIDCO are quite large and the small margins would be wiped out if there is a discrepancy in fees payable. I insisted that all overhead cables must be removed and put inside underground ducts latest within March. And to ensure that, a meeting will be held at the New Town Police Station at 12 noon on Sunday. Any help, including agreeing to easy installments or any other help would be extended by NKDA .
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