Saturday, April 14, 2018

Heat Wave

The National disaster Management Authority has issued an advisory recently in their letter number 1-38/2016-PP dt 7.3.2018 that the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has predicted a heat wave in 2018 till May 2018. The seasonal average maximum, minimum and mean temperatures will be above normal. While the extent will vary in different states, the maximum temperature anomalies in West Bengal are likely to be between 0.5 deg and 1 deg.
On receiving this through the State Department of Disaster Management and Civil Defence, I held a meeting with Hidco, NKDA and PHED officers. Some of the measures we decided were as follows:
1. Construction of bus sheds at three points (opposite to Techno India College, at road crossing near Westin and near Owl More junction)

Existing temporary bus stand Hidco Bhavan

2. Construct two additional water ATMs near Gate 1 (Rabi Aranya) and Gate 3 (Mishti Hub) of Eco Park.  (There are two Water ATMs already near Gate 2 and & Wonders)
3. Mobilise through PHE Department Water Pouches (as we see in Kolkata Book Fair) in certain pockets of Eco Park.
4. Advise road repair and other construction agencies to keep ORS for workers and work in evening shifts with lights when possible

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