Monday, April 30, 2018

Smart Street Railing

The familiar green bamboo railings of New Town are a familiar sight. The design of the railings are tweaked from time to time at the times of annual maintenance. The railings serve several purposes like protecting the street median plantations and preventing pedestrians from crossing the streets indiscriminately.
Of late, the traffic police has requested that since these bamboo railings are easily damaged and are easily uprooted if forced, especially in areas where pedestrians have a tendency to cross wide streets at prohibited zones, permanent steel fencing could be arranged in suitable phases.
That set us on a design think process. I was looking at several options that would reflect the character of New Town, with its Wi Fi and OFC networks, smart water networks and tall buildings and metro railways. I had several rounds of discussions with Abin Choudhury, the architect founder of  "Kolkata Architecture Foundation" (KAF), who readily agreed to join me and help develop a smart urban railing for streets of New Town.
Here is the design:
Design of Futuristic Street Railing of New Town: Courtesy KAF
(Note the simulation of tall buildings and coloured squares representing closed networks)
A prototype is being built at the roundabout near Eco Space / Gitanjali Park of TCS. We will further refine once fully implemented and then roll out in other areas in consultation with traffic police. Here is the photo, taken today, painting yet to be done:

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