Saturday, November 12, 2011

Airport Modernisation; Digha Beach Festival

Yesterday there was a Regional Review of JnNURM projects by Mr Sudhir Krishna, Secretary, GoI, UD. Besides West Bengal, Jharkhand and Orissa were there. It seems, West Bengal is doing fairly well.
In the afternoon, Mr Krishna went to HIDCO. Senior officers of CPWD were also there. It seems, the Airport Authorities need some land from CPWD who needs to be compensated for the land so given up. The CPWD has asked for a 5-6 acre plot in Rajarhat New Town for this. Suman Chakrabarti of Times of India spoke to me. Here is his report in today's TOI:
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The Tourism Department held a review meeting on Digha yesterday. I couldn't attend as I was engaged in the Regional Workshop. DSDA & BUIDL attended. Today's Telegraph carries this story:


  1. HIDCO has recently cleared the metro route alignment thru Rajarhat connecting to Airport. Can the route details and station locations be published?

  2. sir
    since the time you have taken over as HIDCO chairman, you have transplanted it with a new set of wings.
    everything seems to have got wings and is flying fast to it logical mission, at his pace in just a couple of years the entire dynamics of new town will be transformed.
    sir please stick on, don't go anywhere, HIDCO needs you,

  3. Sir
    For the last five years I was trying to organize the Digha Beach festival in line of the Best beach festival in the world. But alas I don't have the reach and I could not motivate enough people to do so.
    Thanks a lot for planning the event.
    With your people you shall be able to fulfill our dreams.
    Please keep film screening ( Film festival) against the backdrop of the sea.
    I am sure that local/international tourism will increase and so the local business will also grow many fold.

    Neel Chatterjee

  4. @Neel: The thought of organising a fim festival had crossed our mind but didn't work out. May be we may try next year

  5. @Subhendu : Mr. Sen kept his promise. Newtown Metro Route (Airport to New Garia) is now pubslihed at HIDCO website-

  6. Thanks Sir
    We shall be looking forward.
    Also can we expect a water body tourism in the HIDCO lake in New town expressway
    If artificial waves can be created it will be unique and beautiful

  7. Isn't it (waves) already there in Nicco Park etc?