Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Urban Regeneration with British Inputs

I met a delegation of UK India at Minister Firhad Hakim's chamber. We talked of urban regeneration and new towns, new technology and riverfront development. There will be a UK funded 3 month 'scoping study'. Here in an article in today's Bartaman:

Here is another link to Times of India of today:



  1. It's good to see that best practices across the globe are imbibed in the urban development plan for Kolkata and NewTown.

    Way to go!!!

    -Sowmik Sengupta

  2. A dream study for an urban planner! Is there a way to be involved sir???

  3. Great initiative...we need some tangible changes very quickly,it doesn't matter if it is smaller initially...but better change has a great power of stimulating peoples's interest and perception... all the best Sir.

  4. @Premjeet: Sure, I'll think about it.