Saturday, November 26, 2011

GIS for Rajarhat New Town

Yesterday we held a long meeting with the scientific officers of the Science and Technology Department about creating a Geographical Information System for New Town, using satellite data and land & building data bank. The point that I emphasized was that (a) it should be time bound and payment will be milestone based with penalties for delay in a graded manner (for example, if the 3rd milestone was delayed by two weeks, a 2% deduction would be made, a 3% deduction for four week delay and so on) (b)it should integrate mouza plot and hidco plots numbers (c) we should be able to see time series ie how constructions were happening over the years. They have promised that they will revert with a proposal.


  1. You see, I have given up trying to use google maps !

  2. again i have forgotten how to comment,
    not sure, i think so

  3. think it was too long,so divide into 2 parts

    Dear Sir,
    Please don’t be embarrassed, these are your true qualities, otherwise why would people reading ur posts agree with me? Your professionalism, transparency & open mindedness is reflected in each and every decisions you take and statements you make, just look at the amount of activity that is happening since u have joined as Chairman.
    I am ur follower from the days when you where the Election Commissioner. But those days communication thru mail or blogs was not so easy so couldn’t keep track but recently got to know about you when an advert was published in Times of India around Feb. 2011, where the Urban Development Ministry was planning to lottery small co-operative plots in Bidhannagar, it said to look for details in the UD website, since then I have been tracking all ur posts (my first communication was by mail while u were in Beijing few weeks ago)
    I, was not able to comment on any of your posts because:
    # 1. My mother was very seriously ill from March – October (she is much better now).
    # 2. Simply because I could not figure out how to comment on your posts, finally when I was successful a couple of days ago, I have been on the job,

    This quotation exactly sums up your ideology of life, explains in simple words your “Do it Now Policy”

    “I shall pass through this world but once,
    If, therefore, there be any kindness I can show,
    or any good things I can do, let me do it now;
    Let me not defer it or neglect it,
    For I shall not pass this way again”

  4. I am confident that this definitely is not only my views alone, many who follow your blog on a regular basis feels the same
    That’s why I have put this quotation in the common forum to see who would disagree with the above quotation. Sir, you have a huge fan following.
    Despite being so busy and tied up all thru the day, yet you have time and patience for general public to listen to their views and comments,

    Earlier hardly any info or news about HIDCO was out in the open, everything was a hush-hush (Classified) but now see what a difference you have brought about, every step taken is being reported to the general public, the website which had very little info, is bubbling with news today, you have uploaded maps of every inch and corner of new town, giving liberty to plot owners to know their surroundings,

  5. What else do we want as common citizens except for transparency and correct information at the right time?As said earlier there are very few people in India like you.Briefly about myself:Vijay Kumar jha, 35, married with two kid’s daughter and a son, 6 & 1 respectively, makers of corporate awards & trophies under the banner of Awards International (family business). Proud Alumni of Victoria Boy’s School, Kurseong. Supplying awards to Star Ananda’s Shera Bangali & 24Ghanta’s Ananya Samman to name a few.

  6. Sir, Just for your info and others following, Google Earth has recently updated Rajarhat area.
    My personal favourite is the historical imagery section where one can see the changes over the years...


    It is a desktop application with much better functionality. The Pro version would presumably be the one HIDCO could use for mapping and other purposes.

  8. It can probably be done like this:
    1. Digitize the plot details and geo-reference them with GPS data
    2. Use GPS to incorporate your overground infrastructure (water, streetlighting, etc.)
    3. Put all this on to an Open Source GIS application like QGIS (0 cost, no licence required)
    4. Export all layers as KML files from the GIS application
    5. Use the Google Earth API to show your area of interest on your website with the embedded KMLs(something you had inspired me to read more on!)
    This can save on the cost of imagery. However, the historical imagery on the non-Pro version is limited and spaced out too irregularly in time (as you must have already seen). Probably the Pro version is better, but one has to pay for it I think...
    DST will probably come up with a better proposal, but please do consider the idea of using Open Source can create a global example, while saving on costs...