Sunday, November 27, 2011

Creative Agency

We will soon put up several non-residential plots in New Town Rajarhat for bid. We need a designing and creative team to help us design our campaign. There was an advertisement in yesterday's papers. Here is what appeared :


  1. thankyou, once lucky by chance,
    lets hope, but bad at bids.

  2. Few suggestions on :

    1. A template for tenders can be followed for publishing on Website. For example, refer:
    HIDCO’s template can be a more deliberated superset of this with your guidance and can be tweaked to suit HIDCO's own requirement isntead of a PDF notification.
    2. Tenders should be simultaneously published on HIDCO website along with official notice are floated. For example, I noticed few ones related to electrification and road painting those are only uploaded today (28/11/11), but last date is also today or 2 days from now where as notification date is 22nd Nov. Unnecessary questions can be avoided with this being part of the process to make it open simultaneously.
    3. A separate (archived tenders) page (or columns added to same page) can show list of all bidders and name of final date and name of awardee of tender for better transparency. If this can be done, HIDCO will be a trendsetter to lead a process.
    4. Presently, “Name of Work” (column 1) and "Tender Document" (last) column both contain same link - the "notice inviting tender" link. The “Tender Document" can contain actual link of soft-copy of complete tender document (compressed zip file of all the related files).
    5. I am not sure if this is allowed now- but bidders can be allowed to download and use the tender documents from website, however they should pay the cost of tender document along with submitted tender.

  3. Another suggestion (in addition to above suggestions): May be add another column on % progress of the work awarded along with a status date (could be updated monthly for big tenders) or at least date of commencement and completion of work (actually could be a project target commitment booster as well as brings greater transparency to public projects).