Friday, October 18, 2013

Caring for the Water Body

I went yesterday to see how the cleaning operations were going on at the New Immersion Ghat of New Town. It was 3 pm in the afternoon and I found a number of persons and machines engaged in taking out image frames, straw, wooden frames etc from the water. A crane, a compactor machine, three wheeled dumpers and a number of trawler rickshaws were engaged in the operations. Few persons were in water to help bring in the frames to the shore. I came to know that there was a demand for resale of the wooden frames. Here are two pictures on my camera:
17th Oct 2013, 3pm: 74 images were immersed in this new Ghat this time

Compactor Machine taking away the frames to disposal site
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Here are two clippings:

Khabar 365 dt 17 Oct 13

The Telegraph (Salt Lake) dt 11 Oct 2013
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In the Board Meeting of Hidco held on 10th Oct 2013, a resolution was adopted to establish the first ever Wax Museum in the city. The top floor of the Finance Centre building, situated just opposite to Gate no. 2 of Ecxo Park, has been identified for establishing the wax museum. An expression of interest has since been invited which can be seen at

A Madam Tussad-like
attraction soon in Kolkata?


  1. Mr. Sen, its and excellent idea to have Wax Museum at Finance Centre building, which will put Kolkata on international map.

    Mr. Hakim and your team has been really doing excellent work on infrastructure front and the result is pretty evident. Kudos to you all for this.

    I further wish we develop this area with huge land bank and with excellent infrastructure coming up as a good tourist destination which can provide good revenue stream for the government. With proposed TWIN TOWERS in Finance Centre already in pipe line as mentioned some time earlier in your blog WHICH I WISH BE THE HIGHEST TOWERS in KOLKATA.

    Having a REVOLVING RESTAURANT with such beauty around could also be worth considering.

    I just wish Kolkata which has been known for its warmth world over and once an intellectual capital of India once again gets it due and show cases the world that it can be top on the tourist map as well.

    Wish you and your team once again all the very best.

    1. Thank you, Sanjeev, for your support and suggestions.

  2. I was wondering if a wax museum inside a finance center sound like a good idea? Could we not do it inside any other museum or place of interest?

  3. I wholeheartedly second Sowmik's apprehensions and hope the Financial Centre is envisaged as a temporary abode for the upcoming Wax Museum. A location near the proposed Museum of Modern Art would be a more appropriate location for such an attraction.

    Indian art collectors have been attracting the attention of global art auctioneers, so much so that Christie's has scheduled it's maiden art auction on Indian shores at Mumbai this December (their Indian business last year was worth US$ 34 million). Could we encash our well-known status as the art capital of India to get this art auction business to Kolkata?

    A museum of modern art, a wax museum, auction houses, a gallery for artists to display and sell their art --- an art hub in the hub of Indian art! What do you say, Mr. Sen?

    With your network with the city of London, you are ideally positioned to ensure that Kolkata gets its destined place in the world of art by attracting industry heavyweights like Sotheby's and Christie's to New Town.

  4. Sir, Wax Museum in finance centre is unusual combination and will not go well. It needs to be integrated with other tourist attractions. It can be part of Eco-park where there are other attractions like mask garden, snow city, other leisure attractions.

  5. Yes, it is a non-optimal solution that will be optimized within Eco Park or somewhere close to it, It must be understood that Wax Models need air conditioned spaces