Sunday, October 27, 2013

Combating Water Logging

After the torrential rains yesterday - as someone put it: one months' rain in a day - we tried to combat the onslaught in New Town as best as we could. Right from the morning, engineers and officers were on the field and an emergency meeting was called in at Hidco Bhavan. I cancelled all other meetings. All drainage pumping stations were put in full operation. I visited the sites several times. In the evening, more pumps were installed at various places.

Even today, we kept our efforts up. In the evening today, I inspected the critical Jatragachi pumping station site (see picture below) and asked for more pumps to be installed: additional three 15 horsepower diesel pumps are put in service within the evening. Although Chinar Park is out of New Town, the road there still has parts under water and I spoke to engineers to take measures.

Jatragachi Pumping Station in Operation with additional pumps
Inset: Draining out to Bagjola Canal
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Here are few clippings:
Anandabazar dt 27Oct2013

Bartaman dt 27Oct 2013

Times of India dt 26 Oct 2013

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