Friday, March 14, 2014

Model Code Matters : Reference through departments

I received a copy of letter number 1031-Home(Elec) dated 5.3.2014 from the office of Chief Electoral Officer, West Bengal regarding observance of Model Code of Conduct. It has circulated the instructions of the Election Commission of India regarding application of MCC.
       We are circulating the instructions to our various subordinate offices.
        I also noted a new provision that clarification on MCC should be sought from CEO through the respective administrative department - and not directly by the other offices. Thus, for example, ADDA or WBHIDCO cannot seek clarifications from CEO directly. In fact for both these organisations, we from Urban Development Department have made a reference to the Chief Electoral Officer recently seeking clarification on two separate specific issues.
* * *
Here is a clipping that appeared in yesterday's Bartaman:


  1. What is the location of proposed Dhapa in Newtown?
    Is it behind DLF and Keppel's project in AA-III or at a distance from residential projects?

  2. Sir, the government should try to honour Gautam Chattopadhyay. Without him it would have not been possible even to imagine Bangla Gaan as it is now. Naming some important public infrastructure ( better if related to music) after him would be great. I think every music lover in Bengal would appreciate it. It would also be great if efforts are made to release his film Somoy.

  3. Recently I have visited Kolkata after more than 2 years. Nice to see improvements of traffic situation. Kolkata is looking better than before....