Saturday, March 8, 2014

Portal to Finance Hub

On the fourth intersection on the Major Arterial Road to Airport, yet another sculpture is being installed. Finishing touches are being given. This road too leads to the Financial Hub. Here is a picture that I took yesterday:
Mangal 'Ghat' on entrance to Finance Hub
* * *
Mosquitoes are becoming a menace. While NKDA is regularly spraying mosquito repellant oil, this is having limitations. Yesterday, I spoke to S.A,Baba, Fishery Secretary and then met Dr Sailen Biswas, Joint Director of Fisheries to see if certain larva-eating fish can be used to control mosquitoes. I had a long discussion with him and I was careful to listen to his advice that species control is important, that, for example, while Telapia destroys mosquito larvae, since Telapia breeds very fast, there must be Chetal Fish too to control the expansion. I will ask them to make a detailed study soon. Meanwhile, this morning we will release few selected species in the water bodies of New Town to control growth of mosquito larva.
* * *
Here is a clipping from today's Hindustan Times (page 1):

Here is a clipping from yesterday's Salt Lake Telegraph:

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