Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Water Project

Yesterday, I reviewed the progress of the to the Water Treatment Plant water supply project that will bring Hoogly river water to the Water Treatment Plant at New Town. It will supply water not only to New Town but also Salt Lake, Lake Town, Naba Diganta etc. Here is a photo of the ongoing works of the intake jetty:

Photo of intake jetty work from launch
The length of pipeline already laid is 3.8 km. The intake point is 10.4 km away.The diameter of the pipe is 1,829 mm. There will be 63 piles in the intake jetty, of which 45 have been completed till now. I advised the engineers of PHE to consider consulting RITES to expedite few approvals from the Railway Authorities for access near Kolkata Railway Station.
* * *
A World Bank Team led by Dr Genneve Connors went on a launch tour from Botanical Garden to Kasipur Ghat for an inspection of Riverfront Development possibilities. Two clippings from today's newspapers:
The Telegraph dt 12.4.2014
Anandabazar dt 12.4.2014


  1. Glad to see such rapid progress.. wonder if the top of the intake jetty can be used for setting up a viewing gallery / other public attraction.

  2. Good idea. I'll ask the technical people.