Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Yesterday, we inspected progress of cricket ground in New Town. It is located between City Centre2 and Eco Park. I was assured that remaining works will be completed by February. We hope to have an inaugural cricket match then, if it is not too hot.
(Top & Bottom) Cricket Ground in AA-2


Khabar 365 dt 21 Jan 2015

Ekdin dt 20 Jan 2015

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  1. Sir,
    There is no footpath connecting the building clusters at Hiland Woods-Akankha-SunrisePoint-Starlit to the main Akankha More (6th Rotary). The pedestrians are forced to use this road along with commuting vehicles. It also becomes a problem during monsoon due to water logging at certain sections.
    I would request you to kindly have WBHIDCO construct a footpath in this area. It would be greatly appreciated by the residents here.