Saturday, January 3, 2015

Eco Island is Wi Fi enabled

One step ahead for a smart city: the Wi Fi project to Biswa Bangla Sarani took a step forward yesterday by launching Wi Fi over the entire eco island which has an area of 7 acres. There are 4 masts which are fed by an OFC (Optical Fibre Cable) embedded underground that gets connectivity from the network on main road. Work is going on for other areas and we hope it will be completed within a few months.
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The curtain raiser of Bengal Global Business Meet will be held on 6 Jan at Eco Island. Hon'ble Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee visited Eco Park yesterday and supervised preparations. The EcoPark will b closed at 4pm on Tuesday 6 Jan to facilitate the investor event.
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Here are two clippings from today's papers:

Khabar 365 dt 3 Jan 2015
Anandabazar dt 3 Jan 2015


  1. People will greatly benefit if :

    1. Internet booking of tickets is available for Eco Park, Wax Museum, Rabindra Tirtha and Nazrul Tirtha
    2. Internet booking is available for Open Air Theater in Rabindra Tirtha and Glass House in Eco Park

    We can also think of installing solar panels in

    1. Nazrul Tirtha Rooftop
    2. Senior Citizens Park
    3. Eco Park Glass House Rooftop

    One more attraction for Eco Park will be if we can create a tall tower say 150-200 feet in Eco park and have open air / glass enclosed restaurants on top of that. Not only will it provide a birds eye view to New Town, the restaurants will also attract large footfalls from all across Kolkata for lunch and dinner.

  2. Many people come in their own vehicles to Eco park and HIDCO can make a fortune just from the parking fee if we can accommodate all of them in the Eco Park parking space. But since we cannot, many people end up parking in the service lanes and HIDCO also end up in loosing revenues.

    Can we build a multi-level car park underground in Eco park ? This will accomodate more cars and will also not disturb the grass top of eco park and will also not create an ugly concrete structure in Eco Park.

    1. I second Abhishek in this regard. I have seen villagers(probably syndicates) are merry making by creating car-parking zone to cash on the cars which couldn't get a parking at the designated parking space.

      UNDERGROUND MLCP was necessary from the beginning, given the fact CARs are there now in almost 30-40% urban households. But it is never too late to implement this without concretizing any more greenery of Eco-Park. More concretization will defeat the purpose of being ECO-FRIENDLY.